Obtaining/extending work and residence permit

Work and/or residence permit

Good to know:

In case you are an EU citizen you only need a registration card which is valid for an unlimited period of time in order to work legally in Hungary. Your employer also needs to make an anonym registration at the Labour Office, you are not required to hold a work permit.

In case you are a Non-EU citizen you need to have a work permit and a residence permit. The work and residence permit both have to be extended annually or every two years depending on the validity of the immigration documents.

How can we help?

  • During these processes we take over all the paperwork and thinking from you, we only get you involved at a minimum, unavoidable extent and make sure all the immigration documents are granted in time.
  • If you’d like we can also help with finding an apartment/house for you in Budapest or even in the countryside which is needed to apply for a residence permit/address card.

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