Obtaining Tax card

Immigration related services

Good to know:

Please note that without a tax number your assignees cannot start their new jobs, therefore it is essential from to have the tax number as soon as possible.

How can we help?

  • As soon as we receive all the necessary information and documentation we apply for the tax card and make sure you receive the tax number (with a certification from the Hungarian Tax Authority) long before the actual tax card arrives.

International Tax Advisory and Compliance Services

This service is offered through our partner.

Taxation is a must, and when working in Hungary, in the majority of the cases, you have to fulfill some tax obligations. For preparing and filing e.g. personal income tax returns, and/or consulting in any matters that may effect your tax status/position you can contact our international tax specialists and you can find the best option to optimize your taxes. Would you be interested to start a business in Hungary, please also turn to them, they can help you with consultancy and ongoing compliance support.


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